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Watching Kids Grow Up – The Plight of Parents Everywhere

Our friends Penn and Kim Holderness are back again. This time they share the stress every parent feels as their child begins to grow up. The "Back Nine" years mean cars, college exams and, oh no, dating!!

Parents Of Growing Kids: A Look Back And Forward

For many parents, the day your child is born can be the most joyous and fear-filled day of your lives. As booties and bottles are exchanged for bikes and braces, the worries you have about your children may change but they never go away. That's a universal truth all parents understand. That's what led our favorite parents, Kim and Penn Holderness, to write a song about their child growing up. The Back 9 is a musical look back (and forward) for their nine year old daughter - mid-way through her life as a child.

While we all know it is our job as parents to prepare our children to one day launch from our nest and build their own. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming when we realize how quickly that day may be coming. It's with that understanding in mind that we created a variety of resources for parents and growing families.

Resources for Parents of Growing Children

Like most people, daily life moves at such a speed that the childhood years speed by all too quickly. One day your child is taking his first steps and then suddenly he is grasping his diploma. And while we may scratch our heads wondering where the time went, the all-too-vivid reality of what has been done (or not done) to prepare for your child's future and your own retirement settles in.

At Protective Life, we've been helping families secure their futures for more than a century. During that time, we've compiled a lot of information and resources. We present some of that information here in hopes that we can help you as well:

  • How Much Do Kids Cost?

    You can't measure the worth of a child. Their love, their energy and the joy they bring are worth every sacrifice. But the truth is that having a child is also expensive and requires planning.

  • Seven Smart Money Things to do When You're Having a Baby

    A baby is more than new cribs and tiny clothes, there is a business side to building your family as well. From budget impacts to changing financial goals, it all arrives with your bundle of joy.

  • How Much Should I Save For College?

    With rising college tuition costs, can you be sure you are saving enough for your child's education? There are some valuable strategies to consider when making a college savings plan.

If you enjoyed the Holderness Family take on parenthood, you might also enjoy their take on a romantic love song.

Are you a parent in the Front 9 or the Back 9? Tell us what milestones were your favorites or which ones make you the most nervous by using the hashtag #LoveAndProtect. And let us know if there are other resources you'd like to see us create.

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Parents watch their babies grow more with each day that passes, and the Holderness Family is no exception. With a mix of pride and worry, the Holderness Family reminds us how fleeting childhood can feel. Once again the Kim and Penn Holderness teamed up with Protective Life to take a look at the realization of how quickly their little girl is growing up. While they look back on the first nine years, Kim and Penn Holderness also start realizing what the, “Back Nine” years have in store for them. Growing-up is inevitable, and proper planning can alleviate some of the anxiety and worry. That is why life insurance is so important for families to consider, for the unexpected turns in life and the speed in which it moves. Enjoy the Holderness Family's video, “The Back 9” for a fun look back and a panic-inducing look forward. For more information, visit the Protective Life Learning Center.

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