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Protective Indexed Choice℠ UL

No two clients’ coverage needs are the same, which means it’s important to compare different products and recommend an IUL that best aligns to their long-term protection goals.

When you consider recommending an IUL to your clients, make sure you take a look at Protective Indexed Choice℠ UL — a responsibly designed solution to meet clients’ unique needs that stacks up against other IULs in the marketplace.

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When is our IUL most competitive?

Protective Indexed Choice UL plays especially well when your clients are looking for:

A specified death benefit

With a face amount limit of $500,000 or less.

A specified premium

To ensure that they’re aligned to their budgetary needs and financial goals.

Living benefits

Like the ability to supplement their policy with chronic illness coverage.*

Added flexibility

With opportunities to adjust their coverage when life happens.

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An ideal blend of client benefits

The straightforward, responsible design of Protective Indexed Choice UL balances growth, protection and risk — meaning you and your clients can rely on this IUL solution to deliver on what it promises. Here's how:

  • It provides a guaranteed1 death benefit that will be there when it’s needed most.
  • It offers a realistic cash value projection, so clients can feel more confident about their potential for cash value accumulation over the years.
  • It’s designed with simplicity so clients can understand how their policy works before they sign the paperwork.
  • It’s backed by a company that's financially strong, meaning your clients can rest assured that our product’s promises are dependable.
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Want to see our IUL in action?

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Download this flyer to see how Protective Indexed Choice UL measures up against a market-leading IUL in this side-by-side comparison.

Ready to recommend Protective Indexed Choice UL to your clients?

Use this consumer-approved video to provide them with a brief overview of our IUL and an educational demonstration of how it works.

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Solid protection solutions built for life

If Protective Indexed Choice UL isn’t the right fit for your clients, we still have you covered. Regardless of your clients’ goals or budgets, the other products within our suite of permanent protection solutions could provide the guaranteed protection they need — for life.

Protective Custom Choice℠ UL

This solution pairs short-term coverage with long-term benefits — like the flexibility to extend coverage after the initial period for the same premium.

Protective Advantage Choice℠ UL

This competitive GUL provides clients with premium flexibility and strong guarantees — even if they miss a premium or two.

For Financial Professional and Plan Sponsor Use Only. Not for Use With Consumers.

*Availability may vary by state.

1 As long as the premiums are paid as illustrated and no loans are taken on the policy, the death benefit is guaranteed to remain in force for the period illustrated.

Protective is a registered trademark of Protective Life Insurance Company and Indexed Choice is a trademark of Protective Life Insurance Company.

Protective Indexed ChoiceSM UL (UL-27) is a flexible premium universal life insurance policy issued by Protective Life Insurance Company, Nashville, TN. Policy form numbers, product features and availability may vary by state. Consult policies for benefits, riders, limitations and exclusions. Subject to underwriting. Up to a two-year contestable and suicide period. Benefits adjusted for misstatements of age or sex. In Montana, unisex rates apply.

Protective Indexed Choice UL is not a security investment and is not an investment in the market. Your insurance professional can provide you with costs and complete details about the terms, conditions, limitations or exclusions that apply to this policy.

The tax treatment of life insurance is subject to change. Neither Protective Life nor its representatives offer legal or tax advice.

Please consult with your legal or tax advisor regarding your individual situation before making any tax-related decisions.

All payments and all guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of Protective Life Insurance Company.