Financial Planning

Zombie-Proof Your Finances

Protect your family from the financial monsters lurking in the night with these three tips.

Zombie-Proof Your Finances

All around you are hidden financial monsters waiting to harm your family's finances. 3 simple steps to take down those monsters are all you need to protect your hard-earned money, budget, and most importantly, your family's future.

Step One: Build A Solid Financial Base

Reasons Why Your Household Budget May Not be Helping

Unrealistic plans, inaccurate tracking and not accounting for all expenses can be reasons why your household budget may not be helping you achieve your financial goals.

Step Two: Build Your Savings

Emergency Fund 101

Every financial expert will tell you that no matter your age or your income, you need some level of emergency fund. Learn how to get started, and you'll see just how quickly you can benefit.

Simple Ways to Save Money

There are simple ways to save money, from adjusting the thermostat to skipping the trip to the gourmet coffee shop. Once you see how each little purchase adds up it is easier to stay on track.

Who Can Help Me with Financial Planning?

Financial planning professionals provide many services. It's important to determine which professional can provide the proper assistance based on your needs.

Step Three: Last Choice Options

Payroll Protection

When we think of protecting our assets, things such as cars, homes and expensive toys may come to mind first, but your ability to earn income is likely your greatest asset to protect.

Do I Need Life Insurance?

A life insurance policy can be vital for ensuring your family's financial security in the future. This article briefly addresses why you need life insurance and how Protective could help.

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Tips to Zombie-proof your personal finances

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