• Life insurance is about protection

  • Life insurance can help provide financial protection for your beneficiaries – for both personal and business needs.


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  • Protect your family with a life insurance policy

    Life insurance from Protective can help provide financial security for your loved ones when they may need it most.

  • Common uses for life insurance:

  • Income Replacement

    Income Replacement

    • Continue to pay the mortgage
    • Cover outstanding debt
    • Maintain your family's lifestyle
  • Children's Education

    Children's Education

    • Ensure children don’t have to struggle to afford attending college
  • Business Preservation

    Business Preservation

    • Keep a business in the family
    • Replace income for family members who depend on business
    • Allow a partner to buyout the business
  • Term or Permanent Life Insurance?

    You may have heard of term or permanent* life insurance but weren’t sure how they differ. Here’s a quick look.

  • Term Life Insurance

    • Covers for a select period of time
    • Offers a death benefit with no cash value
    • Often one of the most affordable types of life insurance
    • Appeals to families whose debt and future income needs are larger than their savings
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  • Permanent Life Insurance

    • Provides a lifetime of coverage
    • Offers life insurance protection and potential for tax-advantaged cash value growth
    • Allows for cash value access through loans or withdrawals for retirement needs.**
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  • An overview of the different types of permanent life insurance

    Within the permanent insurance category, there are two main types: whole life and universal life

  • Whole Life Insurance

    • Lifetime protection
    • Guaranteed death benefit
    • Tax-deferred cash value growth at a fixed interest rate
    • Sometimes used as a child's gift, taking advantage of their current insurability
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  • Universal Life Insurance

    • Lifetime protection with added flexibility
    • Guaranteed death benefit
    • Tax-deferred cash value growth
    • Available policy types offering options for growth based on accumulation objectives and risk tolerance
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  • We’ll help you choose the right policy for you

    Try our Find a Policy tool or review the chart below to get started.

    Term Life Insurance
    Whole Life Insurance
    Universal Life Insurance
    Variable Universal Life Insurance
    Indexed Universal Life Insurance
    Short-term need
    Death benefit
    Lifetime coverage
    Fixed interest rate
    Cash value growth & access
    Flexible premiums
    Market participation
  • Interested in discussing a life insurance policy?

    We’ll be happy to help you evaluate what type of policy might be right for you. For some types of insurance, such as Protective Custom Choice UL, we can provide an online quote. Or call us, and we’ll walk you through your options.

  • When do I need life insurance?

    Major life events affect your life insurance needs. You might consider layering policies to have more coverage at certain times - such as when you have children at home or when you’re starting a business.

  • Life Insurance Trigger Events to Consider

  • New Job

    New Job

    Employer-provided life insurance can't always go with you, but a personal policy will not be dependent upon your employment status.

  • Home Purchase

    Home Purchase

    Taking on a mortgage means you need to evaluate whether you have enough coverage to offset this new debt.

  • Marriage/Divorce

    Marriage/ Divorce

    From reviewing the amount of coverage to changing beneficiaries, marriage or divorce is a critical time to reevaluate your life insurance needs.

  • Baby


    More kids likely means you need more coverage. You'll want to plan for your child's future financial needs.

  • New Business

    New Business

    Covering a business owner can allow for a smooth transition if the worst happens.

  • Retirement


    You may find that life insurance becomes less about insuring your income and more about protecting assets as you near retirement.

  • For more information on life insurance options, give us a call at 1-844-733-5433 and talk with a Protective Life Agent. Or get a free online quote for Protective's Custom Choice UL.

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